Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Noun (February)

Noun, self-descriptive of the mouth opening and closing once. We’re enraptured by everything noun: Antenna Barrier Cantaloupe Dog Email Firework Gel Hubcap Ice-cube Juniper Kayak Lizard Mountain Numbat Ormolu Paperweight Quill Rocket Stadium Trumpet USB Volcano Waterfall Xerox Yacht Ziggurat The universe isn’t arranged alphabetically, naturally. Or is that, phenomenologically? Phenomena need nouns. But everything isn’t nouns. Our efforts begin once we must use nouns to explain non-nounness. For example, in no particular order: Aura Backstroke Comfort Desire Emptiness February Grace Homeostasis I Justice Knowledge Lift-off Motion Nothingness Original Photosynthesis Quiet Rhetoric Spirit Trill Undercurrent Vibration Wednesday X-Factor Yearning Zephyr

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