Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hyphen (February)

Good Weekend Profile: Harriet ‘Dash’ Lepanto. What’s for breakfast? Corn Flakes with chopped banana. Konsumer Kafé is my just favourite you know place and they do perfect Corn Flakes. Hair of the dog? A long glass of vodka with a shot of Provencal blackcurrant liqueur. Favourite word? Black. Colour? Snow-white or pale-mulberry. Punctuation mark? The hyphen, because it’s the hyphen. Red-hot. Roly-poly. Soft-spoken. Straight-laced. Time-consuming. Empty-handed. Far-flung. Far-off. Half-mast. Mind-boggling. Nitty-gritty. Do I need to continue? No. T-shirt. Reading? ‘February is the Shortest Month’, isn’t everyone? On the player? Peter, Paul, and Mary on permanent loop. Any last words? Anvil.

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