Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Exclamation (February)

Spiral notepads fixed to student doors through Trinity College took the messages. Fast friends, firm friends, fair weather, fancy that, following, free-fall. Their frayed edges recorded wayward weekends, off-hand opinions, whirly romances, 100!!!!!!!!!!s, ganja raves, examination blues. Microchips were fragments at the bottom of Smith’s Crisps bags, Friday night Naughtons. Zuckerberg later lived the same in his Harvard dormitory, then turned it into Facebook. Exclamation mark. Now Trinity names drift back into view, leave to-and-fro notes even through November-February break. Early stories on lined leaflets match latest posts on timelines, logical Chekhov denouements. It’s a First World thing. Exclamation mark.

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