Sunday, 25 September 2016

C (September)

August, the census computer seized up. Explanations were contradictory. Clocks continued. Cynicism went viral. Who was in charge? Come September citizens turned to paper. Make it easier to cope, fill the squares with calligraphy. Contribute your ciphers for their consideration. ‘No religion’, meaningless category. Consider the religion of the census. Convinced consumer. Capitalist cog. Salary slave. Productivity person. Commercial viability. Tick one box only. In the name of selfishness, anything is allowed. Confidentiality is assured. Answers must be correct. Do not include your cats. It confuses calculations. Sign. Insert in blue envelope. Join the ciphers. The barcode must face out.

E (September)

September eye-spy impressions from Highway 1-Ring Road, Winchelsea to Watsonia: eyes ears eggs exit eucalypts emptiness entry ewes elastic excess extegument exhaust ebony estate empties eerie emergency Epworth excepted ends exercise electrics entrance escarpment eagle edge energy evidence expanse elevation engine error eleven entertainment eatery efflorescence evergreens excellence experts environment earthworks egos evaporation effluent eighty enforcing express expand English eggplant exfoliations expired everywhere emblems excavator embers extensions essence equestrian Equipe elongations eaves excrescence employment eddies emphasis engineering everything exposed erasures elevator elegance extra equipment education equilibrium E.J.Whitten e-commerce easy effort essentials excitement Edwardian emporiums Epping everlastings echoes enjoyment etched endoscopy

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Y (September)

Y is the river come down from Otways after a week’s rain on W-structures and E-structures lodged into hillsides, the remaining houses staring down gullies and out to sea at torrents. Y is the split in slopes of Paddy’s Path, gone under the Ocean Road into containment walls, ready to widen into watered W’s, collapse into layers of earthen E’s, the Road closed. Y is the loader bucket shifting soil and stone, while Workmen and Engineers move about, excavating hillsides that in December were on fire and September went under flood. Y is the silent street turnoff at Separation Creek.