Saturday, 18 September 2021


 Cooking crimes: does anyone still make scalloped potato bake? Date yourself by your first car. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met? This daily flood of infantile questions, designed to give some computer my profile, raises a [question]: should they be banned? Does anyone still use clothes pegs? Do you button up your shirt? Does anyone set their alarm for 7am anymore? Does anyone wake up in the morning? Fun is putting algorithms off the scent. Date yourself by your first concert. Premiere of ‘Firebird’. What was your top subject at school? Went to school in a treehouse.     

Friday, 17 September 2021


 Put a fresh coat on Day Four of Creation. The paint is Aalto Goliath, bought for a song at a Heide Gallery fire sale. Goliath is no longer in Aalto’s fandeck, but closely matches a shade of grey called Curfew. The four sides of our place are the seven days, reminder that we are surrounded by and held in Creation. “… he made stars also” says Genesis 1:16, which was an artistic challenge before I thought to do a Louise Nevelson and make a wooden [collage]. Obviously it’s a cloudy night, but the stars are back there somewhere. Nice job.

Thursday, 16 September 2021


 My Father’s Day present arrived in the mail yesterday. Bridie ordered the reissue of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s ‘Green’ from Plug Seven Records in Smith Street, Collingwood. So far, I have played it five times. Yoshimura’s 1986 liner notes say ‘GREEN does not specifically refer to a colour. I like the word for its phonetic quality, and song titles were chosen for their similar linguistic characteristics.’  CREEK FEEL SHEEP SLEEP GREEN FEET STREET TEEVEE all have a double [e], a vowel sound (Bridie explained) not found in Japanese. This is the original Tokyo ambient version, not the US release infused with nature sounds.