Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bracket (February)

Written in February 1832, ‘Cielo’ is the centrepiece of Lucio Luciano’s Sequenza Celeste, a series of poems describing his tempestuous relationship with artist-philosopher Maria Notte. Eleven five-line verses enunciate the lover’s relief from present torment by sky-gazing. (3) “diamante fiamma”, rubies were La Notte’s favourite gem. (8) “Torre degli Asinelli”, a common site for suicides in Bologna. (21) The bracket opens a rapturous three-verse encomium for the sky. Light irony is employed enclosing something that cannot be bracketed, while the poet is trapped with his passions. (35) Close brackets. (42) “nebbia”, literally, the fog of Emilia-Romagna, metaphorically, the lover’s forgetfulness.

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