Saturday, 7 May 2016

Q-cumbersome (May)

Albuquerque, equivoque, quaquaversal, quinquagesima. According to the Urban Dictionary, these words are Q-cumbersome. Quinqueangled, quinquedentate, it’s quite a queue. The dictionary is non-committal about first usage. Is it Q Cumbersome, fried pickle detective of Scairy Tales Noir? My favourite’s quinquereme, which is E-cumbersome before it’s Q-cumbersome. (A cucumbersome sandwich is a contradiction in terms.) Q is ten in Scrabble, for a reason. It’s bothersome: you may not have a U to save yourself. Then there’s Q, who has power over time, space and reality. He’s the random element in the universe, shows up in May maybe, but is he Q-cumbersome?

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