Friday, 13 May 2016

M-Rated (May)

Film reviews. 1: Millions wasted making this remake of an unfunny. Not even the washed-up soap star could redeem this tacky blot. 2: Millions not spent on feeding LA homeless, rather this grinding excuse for a biopic on the worst President in living memory, or dead. 3: Millions went into this DVD fodder, romcom gone horribly wrongsong crossed with road movie that crashed in opening credits. 4: Millions spent on this five-hour interview with the narcissistic rock-star who cannot comb, sing, or think. 5: Millions for this pretentious prequel to the blockbuster trashing the entire fairytale catalogue. May 13 release.

Buster Keaton, publicity still from The Cameraman (1928):

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