Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tree (March)

[Nature documentary] Crusty redgums of Rosanna Parklands: watery roots. Leaf-desiccated oaks on Heidelberg. Self-seeded firs above Eaglemont cutting: dark green. Ivanhoe’s exotic palm trees: sun-firmed. Gantry-tall poplars at Darebin Creek. The mournful she-oaks of Alphington. Dissimilar eucalypts through Fairfield: all different. Gargantuan callistemons of Northcote. The explosive crepe myrtles of Westgarth: March pink. Peppercorn veils of Clifton Hill: their Wednesday morning aspect. Peaceful plane trees of Collingwood: ‘dappled shade’. Friendly wattles of Richmond. The pinnacled pines of East Melbourne. The elms of Jolimont. The Moreton Bay fig trees around Spring Street: road works in progress. Juvenile eucalypts along Flinders Street.

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