Friday, 24 March 2017

City (March)

[Chorale] Laughing voice of Björk concatenates from a streetfront record store. Crestfallen voice of Thom Yorke ice-ages the beat-up beatbox. Majestic voice of Martha Reeves throws down the lowdown downtown. Iridescent voice of Frankie Valli wings from automatic wind-down windows. Metallic voice of Madonna mosquitoes in an earplug. Charmed voice of KC warms the sunless waiting room. Plaintive voice of Donald Fagen laments again on download, lost March. Droll voice of Taylor Swift trolleys along miles of supermarket aisles. Shouting voice of John Lennon attacks the languid Mason Jar café. Thin voice of Stevie Nicks quavers from a train door.

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