Saturday, 18 March 2017

Kitchen (March)

[Found poem] Homemade. Cut, served with homemade. Marinated, accompanied with homemade. Grilled fresh, served with petite. Selection, served with Turkish. Mixed with shaved, topped with boiled. Combination of mixed and dressed. Grilled marinated, served with sprinkled and crumbled. Toasted and Spanish. Superb traditional according to an old Italian recipe. Slowly cooked with fresh. A hint with a touch. Tossed with a hint. Tossed with extra. Roast served with creamy. Layered with rich and topped. Diced, sautéed with mixed forest creamy. Grilled with mashed. Pan-fried, layered with infused. Topped with seeded and seasonal. Thinly sliced. [The Spaghetti Tree Menu, March 2017]     

Menu at the old-fashioned pre-theatre restaurant The Spaghetti Tree (59 Bourke Street), with the ingredients unnamed. What to do while waiting for the others to arrive. Later, out to H.M.S. Pinafore at The Athenaeum. Quote: 

He may a second Sh
akespeare be,
Endowed with faculty creative,
But what avails such gifts if he
Confounds accusative with dative.
In what far nook of earth
Would moral worth,
Or strength of lung or limb,
Atone for him
Whose verbs don’t tally with the nominative.
Oh, I can tell
Too well
How people frown
Him down
Whose verbs don’t tally with the nominative.

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