Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Graffiti (March)

[Found Poem: Rick Koenig, January 2017] A group of fed-up Banyule residents has banded together to tackle graffiti vandals, who they say are defacing the area, lowering property prices and making older residents feel unsafe. The group founder wants council to hold taggers accountable. Banyule’s management strategy includes funding for deterrence, the provision of legal street murals and community art projects. But the strategy fails as “the allure of graffiti is that they’re doing it as a middle finger to authority.” The Mayor said the council had used extra funding to tackle graffiti-riddled areas including Olympic Village… [Philip Harvey, March]

'Heidelberg Leader', Tuesday January 17, 2017, front page: 'Clean up our streets : new group calls on council to get tough on graffiti vandals'.

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