Sunday, 15 January 2017

Yorkshire (January)

Not Yorkshire: green clouds, magenta lanes, vermilion creeper, azure mud, pink pasture, purple saplings, yellow shadows. But yet Yorkshire: spindled treetops, jumping raindrops, daffodil parties, horse crossings, white birdcalls, parked cars, red-bluff buildings, glass ashtrays. Yorkshire via California: LSD buses, orange groves, coasting freeways, surf sunlight, technology plug-ins, loudest cactus, mass deluxe production seduction, silicon schmilicon Spike Milligan! Yorkshire of desire: that lane travelled so often through woods, where now you sit down by, old man, to paint and contemplate. Yorkshire in memoriam: ipad drawing printed on sheets of paper mounted by Dibond Hockney circa after January sometime twenty eleven.

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