Friday, 27 January 2017

Birthday (January)

Janet Campbell would have been 55 today. January I re-read her journal, quote: “3a.m.XXVIIIth.Jan.2004. Bloody hell…Birthdays! 27th=ph.calls galore + 0/0JS = Utu.b’day…‘Man is basically a battlefield…a dark cellar in which a well-bred spinster lady + a sex-crazed monkey are forever engaged in mortal combat, the struggle being refereed by a rather nervous bank clerk.’ D.Bannister. Chanda. Kopi kman mousse baci Tiamo=chois T+U. ttkb bugs…small things get to me. Lotus b. asanas lagi ding mundi cyne.peptea.I.p.309 (tkb). You J…at 42…as above. Amen. Dum. Tut Twam asi. Jai Shree Ram Num Myoho Renge Kyo. Amen & for all. beake Lord t’you. Amen”

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