Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dent (January)

Crumpled buckled roadside guard shaped by truck is an incident. The bent 80 speed sign sun-bleached at roar corner, pendent. The crushed wrinkled drink cans on ring road tarmac, improvident. Overturned van surrounded by ambulance and firetruck means an accident. January Mitsubishi diamond glass brushed into storm gutter shines resplendent. ‘Tis but a scratch’ sticker patches rear door damage evident. Dints and duco-dashes head and tail tell of speeds imprudent. Weather-peeled, the Geelong freeway sign clatters when rain threatens, corrodent. Temporary fencing wards off rapid traffic at a rollover precedent. Faces of drivers, natural alone attentive, glide by, almost transcendent.

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