Saturday, 7 January 2017

Dump (January)

Abrupt about Blunt bumph bump Crumple clump Drubbed dummkopf dump Erupt enough erumphphphph Fluff frump flunk Galumph galoot greatagain grump Hump humph harraumph hunted hummed humpdumpt Interrupt invert inaugurate ingrate Jammed January jaunt jump Krump kramp kampf kompf kathump Lietrump latrine lump Mope mop murmur mumps Nope nup nein numpf nixon nein numpty num nerf Orange otanned oooomph oommpahpah oaf Pumped plump primped pomp prompt Quote “Ramped riffed rumped riff raff rumpf romp Strumpet shunt stunt scum scrum sump slump Tripped truthless tuppenceworth tramp” Unquote ump unumpt untruth untrumped Urghumpf umph Vampf vlump Wump wallop wallump Xpletive Yeddrumpf Zoompf zump

Humpty Dumpty, whose name rhymes uncannily with that of the 45th President of the United States, is a main character in Finnegans Wake. 100-letter thunder words punctuate that novel, some of them sounding like a person falling down stairs or off a wall. The title of the book ‘All the President’s Men’, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s account of the Watergate scandal, alludes to this famous nursery rhyme. 

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