Saturday, 15 April 2017

Awol (April)

[Trouvée: ‘Digger Dialects’, W.H.Downing. Lothian Book Publishing, December 1919] ANZAC SOUP- Shell-hole water polluted by a corpse. A.W.L.- Absent without leave. BELGIUM (n.)- A fatal wound. DOMINO (vb.)- To kill. ISSUE- “to get one’s issue”- to be killed. IT’S A NICE DAY FOR IT!- A sardonic phrase applied to anything unpleasant; e.g., an attack which is likely to be costly. NOAH’S DOVES- Reinforcements who were at sea and on their way towards a war zone at the time when the Armistice was signed. OUTED- Killed. SKITTLED- Killed. SMUDGED (adj.)- Killed by being blown to pieces by a shell. [April 2017]

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