Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Avril (April)

[Trouvée: Painter’s biography] “There is an accidental meeting on 6 April 1887 with Montesquiou at Passy, ‘in all the correctness of one of his supremely chic suitings.’” “In a postcard sent on 28 April 1893 he forbade Proust to use the almost indispensable word ‘nice’ (gentille).” “It is a consequence of Proust’s train of thought at this time, about…April 1909…that when the Narrator at last steps through the open door of Time Regained he meets Nerval and Baudelaire already there.” “On 10 April 1918 Jacques Émile Blanche offered to dedicate to Proust the first volume of his Propos de Peinture.”  

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