Thursday, 7 January 2016

Green (January)

Mauve Queensland deco: jacaranda. Curved quiet Egyptian: palmtree. Melancholy darksome crowded: fir. Powder Streeton horizon: bluegum. ‘Name the tree’ game from Flinders Street to Emerald Lake. Cut-out sprawly floppy: fig. Shiny ewwwww pushy: mirror-bush. Pretty bee-laden ancient: flowering-gum. Sweeping weeping drooping: she-oak. English stations (Hawthorn, Laburnum, Clematis) and Australian stations (Boronia). Star-spangled red-lined downy: maple. Dotted gnarly cloud: peppercorn. Delicate filigree everywhere: wattle. Primeval fountain fanning: ferntree. Spiky stoic silhouettes: pine. Tender January Chinese: gingko. Something whatever blah: liquidambar. Extravagant limbless neck-bending: stringybark. Whitish blur Ikea: birch. Roundy bye-bye huge: oak. Netting impressionist backyard: apple. Glowing twirly raspberry: crepe myrtle.

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