Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dandelion (January)

Rosalie Gascoigne’s ‘Flash Art’ (1987) comprises 67 squares of dissected road signs. We play Guess the Missing Letters at Federation Square, imagining the country roads we’ve been along nearly every January of our lives, all the time in the world. Scarcely had we time to read the originals before our vehicle had passed, through grasslands and dry bushland up country: dandelionIS dandelionXT dandelionOV dandelionRVB dandelionKM dandelionIR dandelionNA dandelionNDS dandelionNE dandelionEN dandelionKE dandelionSUR dandelionOR dandelionSCR dandelionWO dandelionOC dandelionTS dandelionIOT dandelionWIN dandelionID dandelionRT dandelionCE dandelionAK dandelion2K dandelionDB dandelionAMA dandelionUP dandelionWI dandelionVER dandelionNDER dandelionPA dandelionRK dandelionRE dandelionO dandelionNO dandelionOS dandelionORK dandelionAGE dandelionRU dandelionIDE 

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