Thursday, 12 November 2015

Peeler (November)

The objects we throw back, higgledy-piggledy, into the second drawer of the kitchen. Cake icing tube. Ice cube tray. Wooden honey dripper. Gingerbread man template. Industrial pizza cutter. Miniature cheese grater, called amusedly “The Minor Grater”. Plastic funnel set. Roller rolling pin. Humberside tea infuser. Stainless steel wine-cap. Touristy hors-d’oeuvre fork. Four-sided kebab skewer. Stylish apple corer. Piedmontese garlic crusher. Swivel tin opener. Diamond-headed meat mallet. Rotary egg beater. Languorous salad spoon. Effective cherry-pipper, rescued every late November. Little sauce ladle. 1980s chunksville bottle-opener. Tea caddy spoon. Yes, but can we find it when we need it? The vegetable peeler!  

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