Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Doorbell (November)

Like all other cathedrals, Holy Trinity has no doorbell. Visitors and worshippers may freely come and go. The redbrick cathedral fills with enforced sounds of free-form piano. Even his silent five-minute arrival becomes part of Matt Mitchell’s abstract expressionism. He tinkles, power-chords, cascades, machine-presses… The pianist has travelled from the city that never sleeps. This is due in part to millions of doorbells. Is that a visitor, a worshipper, or a travelling salesman? Time out now, no need for anxious questions this November, his sounds his gift to cathedral silence and attentive visitors. There are jackhammers, taxis, ship-horns, chatter, doorbells…  

Drawing of Matt Mitchell playing the grand piano in Wangaratta Cathedral, by Bridget Harvey

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