Friday, 18 May 2018

C (May)

[Memory game on the 5.30pm Hurstbridge express. Rules: C places, the first to mind, first memory] Camperdown: airy hill views from the monastery. Copenhagen: birch trees and running streams in the snow. Cardiff: black walls of buildings and glowing windows. Cheltenham: plethora of eucalyptus golf courses. Como: blue shadows where the lake meets palazzi jetties. Cavendish: wearing runners in yabbie dams. Christchurch: bluestone churches and white clouds. Coolangatta: bus windows. Canberra: flat spaces and upright artefacts. Cologne: spilt-level 60s where carpet bombs landed. Carlton: cheap terraces for twenty-somethings. Calais: seagulls and beers. Cambridge: black fields and greenest grass. [May 2018]

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