Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A (May)

Tallists complain it’s not tall enough. What about Abu Dhabi? Too square, according to Coneists, while Pyramidists get angry at slenderness. What ever happened to May 1968, ask Fiftyists, all these light shows on balustrades! Agoraphobes reject its milling concourses out of hand. Bollardists grumble there’s not enough bollards; Anti-Bollardists, too many. Where’s the art? Bollandists dismiss it as modernity. As for Macron, what’s he doing about it? Nothing. Well, what would you expect from a Diacritic? The cafés fill with whingers, but A stays unmoved upon the Champ de Mars. Its cast iron alibis magniloquently silence centuries of critics.

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