Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Windmill (May)

                                            Windmills at Montmartre, 1886

Visiting Van Gogh, and introducing Post-Colonial Van Gogh, running from the Dutch Empire that sinks into Batavian cinnamon sunset. Scene Two: Patriarchal Van Gogh has 63% male 37% female friends, so is clearly not a feminist. Gay Van Gogh? Cultural Appropriation Van Gogh seeps from every crevice of his Hiroshige rip-offs. Post-impressionist Van Gogh (they were talking about him at interval) is safe territory, only is he? Or may that be appropriation too? Inappropriate and obviously not Gauguin. Finale (singing): “My theory’s better than your theory, or Vincent Van Gogh’s!” This morning’s review: Gauguin is better because I prefer Gauguin.

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