Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Samaritan (May)

'The Good Samaritan (After Delacroix)', 1890

Visiting Van Gogh, the nobody. In most people’s eyes he’s a nonentity, an eccentric, a disagreeable man. He imitates Delacroix and other somebodies, their take on nobodies like the Samaritan hoisting the half-dead man onto his animal. Ignored, that half-dead victim. More than one somebody went past that nobody: too much trouble, the wrong day, it’s against my principles. The weight of him, the cry of him, but the Samaritan was well able. He’s dressed like a somebody, which is something, when you’re nobody. Copied in the madhouse respite, St. Rémy May 1890, where disagreeable finds himself, all beaten up.

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