Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Olinda (October)

Bushfires in early October. We turn to the bookmarked Country Fire Authority site to read place names. Lancefield, there were fires in Lancefield last summer, bad. Seville, that explains the phonecall about smoke on the Dandenongs. Kyneton, always Kyneton. Tallarook, Mordialloc, Olinda. What? Olinda? ‘Bushfire – Small. Under Control’. Okay. Then there are places we’ve never heard of. Koorlong, where’s that? Google Maps explains it’s near Red Cliffs. Wensleydale? Out the back of Anglesea. The anxious responsibility of browsing continues, connecting place names with people we know. Pastoria, actually that’s near Kyneton. I might just email someone. Freeburgh? That’s like Bright.

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