Monday, 26 October 2015

Oddment (October)

Computer springs, betting tickets, fizzy bottles. Whatever happened to ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’? Scattered sheets of Herald-Sun, dated October, unread. Half-empty Slurpee buckets. Wrappers, fliptops, chip bags. It usedn’t to be like this on trains. Banana skins, Mac attack, dead sandwiches. Don’t these people have homes to go to? Clothing for The Unartful Dodger: beanie, scarf, deco bracelet. Then, some oddments beggar belief. Fractured phone, moonstone brooch, a $50 note. Lift up some litter and there they are. Authorised Officers check our Mykis, but do they clean up after themselves? “Don’t forget to touch off.” As if we could ever forget.

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