Friday, 9 September 2016

F (September)

 A few favourite F words. Farthing: a far thing, so near and yet so far. Feather: reminder of the enigma of being human. Feckin’: Irish intensive. Felicitous: Felicity + ous. Fez: fezzes are cool. Filigree: form flows from function. Flower: September in the South. Flute: primordial as percussion. Foam: what the surf leaves behind. Fog: omnipresent at the time. Form: frequently follows function. Forgive: how the Gospel breaks the barriers. Freckle: the geography of skin. Fuck: capable of vast variations of tone and import. Functionary: fills forms. Funferal: microcosmic one word summary of ‘Finnegans Wake’. Funnel: descriptive of its utility.  

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