Monday, 6 August 2018

Disorder (August)

He wears daisy crowns. Like his fool, he cannot forget. His ill-gotten kingdoms, evenly divided between the wrong sons, have fallen to his enemies. The youngest son, the Cordelia, he ignored and dismissed, who told him the truth. The only relief is gazing at August clouds. Or, at night, the red embers of all that fire. The daughter of the enemy gets what’s coming to her (they usually do in Shakespeare), but not before exacting revenge. Elsewhere, a blind hermit searches for a manuscript. It probably contains the details of this story. Accidentally, he knocks the manuscript into the abyss.

6 of 10: 'Ran', by Akira Kurasawa (1985). Ran: Japanese for chaos or turmoil, which is probably why they stuck with the title Ran in English. Also means revolt, or revolution, equally appropriate for this story. In the Japanese mind all these things instantly mean the same thing. Disorder is the best compromise word in English.

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