Thursday, 5 April 2018

Alphington (April)

Sunset graffiti. Ruins of paper mill stand asbestos-raftered in gradered emptiness. Earplugs walk. Eucalypts elongate. A truck on a heap. Hire gear strews the dust sites. “Luxury assured”. Trackwork floodlit into midnight. Computer graphic overlay requires trenches. Ancient basalt rubble ‘unearthed’. City so convenient. Everyone home again as ghosts test the side lanes. Hardhats and orangewear. April they manufacture the new metropolis. An appointment with future streets yet unlaid. Barriers sprout weeds. Weeds flowerets. Sunrise vacancies. Bottle shop lowest prices ever. Your health! Roads closed. Makeshift golden detour signage. Bridges under construction. Taxis bully. Buses idle. The river’s half asleep.

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