Friday, 9 February 2018

Wagnerian (February)

Responses, experiences, feelings while listening to Tristan and Isolde from Row P5 Orchestra, the Palais St. Kilda, 7th February: frustration, fascination, puzzlement, annoyance, awe, indifference, rivettedness, resistance, amusement, amazement, mistiness, tranquillity, confusion, longing, loss, discovery, straight-backness, un-cross-legged, drifting, eyes-closed, darkness, fluttering, falling, arriving, misunderstanding, understanding, old, young, foolish, inspired, fatigued, furious, disgust, fondness, loneliness, inevitability, enlightened, eyes-opened, stretched, silenced, stunned, dreaminess, remembrance, surrender, passion, pleasure, intimacy, cool, defiance, acceptance, futility, confirmation, trance, exhaustion, withdrawal, attack, emptiness, broodiness, fragility, iron, dejection, vastness, contentment, discontent, tedium, sleepiness, analytic, tense, dignity, revolutionary, goth, menaced, stoked, surprised, clenched, extended, exploring, dismayed, bereft, firm, reconciled.

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