Monday, 1 January 2018

Nine (January)

Number Nine, Number Nine the voice repeats, mechanically, methodically, longingly, indifferently, quizzically. Who’s to say? Then, 1968, Pluto was Planet Nine, its year of revolution 248 years. Now Pluto is demoted to a dwarf, a trans-Neptunian, a Kuiper rock. It was Planet X, now it’s Planet Ex. Our revolutionary year goes January to December, played backwards December-January. Our solar system goes Sun to Planet Nine, and according to many since 2014 there is another Planet Nine, on the other side of Pluto, bigger than Neptune, invisible, searched for repeatedly, mechanically, methodically, longingly, indifferently, quizzically; X playing backwards to the Sun.

The Beatles, ‘Revolution 9’ (1968):

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