Monday, 8 January 2018

Green (January)

Nature study on the Ballarat train. Warehouse fennel balances lemon graffiti dots on waving tiny tips. Imperial thistles, their hundred heads burnt to brown paper by 41-degree day. Cacti, burst above Bacchus Marsh cuttings, the stress of a public domestic. Eucalypts, Heysen giants framed by three-second plateglass window frames, one after another, for miles. January blackberry, dark instrumental interlude on unheard plug-in mixed track. Bulrushes, a post-modern brooch where dam waters meet. Hawthorns, dead car brown in the willow paddock. Eucalypts, roots upturned to sun, house without a roof. Thick thistles, only thistles, the train side of the barbed wire.

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