Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Selfie (December)

[Three of seven in B&W] Me with bestie. Me with pyramids. Me with camel. Signatures of all things I happen to be in front of at the time. Me explores my space. Me conquers the world. Been there, done a selfie, with my bestie. Who am I, sending selfies, to my list? Or there’s anti-selfie. A full frontal of the hand that serves the selfie. An aerial shot that’s mostly hairdo. Angle centrally the nose-ring me inserted with help from bestie. Me refuses the 24-hour happy. Me knows December is Advent waiting, then Christmas given. Me looks beyond camera’s wants.  

Written for Talitha Fraser and in honour of what I call her anti-selfies. Also written for Kate McAll in response to her invitation to the B&W challenge.

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