Monday, 17 July 2017

Cat (July)

Snooks and dark have a ‘k’: Snooks is the dark one. Moxie’s cappuccino-coloured. Snooks is sooky, his teeth hurt, and he misses his owners. Moxie is aloof and her fur is creamy. Snooks is smoochie. Moxie scrutinises, as though we have done something wrong, again. Snooks, after extra fresh meat, is wont to turn into a tyrant. Snooks and Moxie watch the chooks, Lydia and Phoebe, with indifference. Snooks and Moxie chatter madly when rosellas appear in the garden. Snooks always rests on top of maternal Moxie, when they curl up together. July is a dream by the auspicious fire.

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