Friday, 10 February 2017

P (February)

P is for Phone. The Doctor Who. The Over-Cheery Overture. The Hand Set. The Glass Marimba. The Led Zeppelin. The Bubbling Water. The Wooden Typewriter. The ProgRock Boing. The Teeth Chatterer. The Erratic Rubberband. The Falling Teaspoon. The Primeval Disco. The Tuned Jackhammer. The Morse Goad. The Mindless Harp. The Planetary Pinball. The Machine That Goes Ping. Q is for Question. “He said what?” “Do you actually know?” “Honey, where are you, I’m going over Merri Creek?” “What are we eating anyway? And what about the kids?” “Why am I always going into a tunnel?” “It’s February, right?” “What? W-h-a-t?!!!!!!!!”

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